In June of 1995 a few people, along with Pastor Ron Janssen, began a new ministry in Peachtree City, GA, known today as St. Paul Lutheran Church and School. The original group of people who started St. Paul did not have school aged children but they recognized the benefits of a Lutheran School. Following God’s prompting, they began the ministry with an emphasis on Christian education. These early members of St. Paul built our current facilities and started our school. In the fall of 1996, St. Paul Lutheran School opened its doors for students in preschool through 8th Grade.

With a ministry priority placed on the school, facilities were built with no dedicated space for worship. Because of this, worship at St. Paul Lutheran Church has been in the both the cafeteria and gymnasium. 21 years later, the Ministry of St. Paul Lutheran Church and School has moved into a new reality.

The new dedicated sanctuary was completed in 2020 as COVID-19 hit. Worship online and now in-person in the new sanctuary is a blessing. As we look to the future, St. Paul has a new vision; Joined with Jesus on His Mission, Reaching, Teaching, and Baptizing. Our future is bright as we grow in worship attendance, outreach opportunities, school ministry, and financial stability.

February, 2023 marked the 25th anniversary of St Paul Lutheran School. Moving forward, as the school continues to grow, God is served and honored.

Nurturing Our Precious Preschool Children While Monitoring Developmental Milestones

Our preschool program has age appropriate activities implemented with attention to the different needs, interest and abilities of the individuals within the group. Children are encouraged to be expressive, creative and are challenged to grow in their understanding and skills.

Each classroom is vibrant with child-centered opportunities for learning that are both teacher directed and student initiated. Learning centers that support thematic units of study allow students to explore both independently, or with adult assistance. Free-play activity allows children to engage in self-defined tasks which allow for skill development, socialization and implementation of ideas.

Learning materials include a wealth of hands-on manipulatives that support the whole development of the child in both the indoor and outdoor environments. An essential dimension of the St. Paul curriculum recognizes that children are a gift from God and provides them with a foundation for their relationship with Him. Children are nurtured in classrooms that reflect the love of Jesus. They are helped to gain knowledge and understanding of God’s Word, which reveals to them the love of their heavenly Father shown through Jesus Christ, His Son! Children are encouraged in their faith life which guides their daily living, prepares them for successful, productive lives as Christian adults, and sustains them in their earthly walk with God.

Encouraging Elementary Students as They Grow

St. Paul Lutheran School shares Jesus with children and families by connecting UP with God, IN with other students and OUT with the world. St. Paul teachers love children and know how to teach to individual strengths. The St. Paul curriculum is aligned to state and national standards while being tailored to support and challenge students.

At St. Paul students and teachers gather weekly to hear God’s Word in chapel. Students prepare, rehearse and present the message from God’s Word to fellow students. Bible truths teach us to love people, thank God for His gifts, and serve willingly.