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    A huddle is a recognizable part of almost any sport. It's where the team comes together to go over two things - (1) the game situation and (2) the next play. Our Discipleship Huddles work the same way. It's 6-10 people gathering regulary to ask  two questions - (1) What is God saying? (2) What is He inviting me to do about it?

    The foundation of faith is the Gospel - Jesus' completed work to save us through His death and resurrection. That work is done and God loves you just as you are... and He also loves You too much to leave you there. In regards to the God's Truth, the Bible says, "Whatever you have learned...heard...or seen - put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you" (Philippians 4:9).

     Huddles meet through the school year (September through May). They meet for various modules that are generally three weeks each. Modules are such things as your Spiritual Gifts, a Family Mission Statement, Prayer, or a particular book/section of the Bible. Each module...in fact each meeting...has the goal of equipping participants to put their faith into practice. New participants can join a Huddle at the start of each module. On the fourth week, all Huddle participants meet together in the Sanctuary for a Celebraction. At this time, those who have been working on the "My Faith Story" module share all or portion of it. And we celebrate storylines of what God has been up to in each Huddle!


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