Leader In Me Parents’ Guide


You are your child’s first and best teacher.

Imagine your child in the future: equipped with not just top notch academic knowledge but also confident, able to take an initiative, proactive, and a responsible member of the community.

That's what the Leader in Me is all about. Preparing your child for adulthood.

Interested in learning more about the Leader In Me program at St. Paul Lutheran School?

This Parents’ Guide shows how parents can model the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People at home. This guide will help you understand the value of Leader In Me and what it can do for your child as a student at St. Paul. 

In this 21-page PDF guide, you’ll learn age-appropriate parent-child activities, as well as reading resources, to help you model the 7 Habits including:

  • Parent-child activities for all 7 Habits, for both young children and teens. 
  • A detailed book list for each of the 7 Habits, based on your child’s age.  

Follow this detailed guide to prepare your child for the future while strengthening your parent-child bond. 

Simply fill out the form to download The Leader In Me Parent’s Guide and to learn more about St. Paul Lutheran School. 

Prepare Your Child For The Future. Download the Leader in Me Parents' Guide Here