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    Our teachers help guide elementary students through the transition from play-based learning into having more academic responsibility. While still given opportunities for hands-on, interactive lessons, students are also learning to manage their time while having a higher responsibility for in class work and homework. They will encounter more rigorous academic material than their formative preschool years.

    Best of all, all their social and emotional development in their relationships is navigated through a Christian worldview.



    “We prepare students for a lifetime of learning and growing closer to God. We focus on building fundamental educational skills in preparation for elementary school. Learning skills such as phonemic awareness, phonics, early mathematical skills, and appropriate classroom behaviors are important at this stage. Here, we’re able individualize education to suit the learning style of each child. Students also participate in Spanish, computers, library, music, and physical education each week.”
    -Mrs. Dietrich


    “1st grade focuses on the basics of math and reading. I use a hands-on approach with a strong emphasis on becoming more independent and being more responsible for themselves. Our new “Leader in Me” program compliments by helping students learn self-reliance, initiative, planning, goal setting, setting priorities, managing emotions, be considerate of others, resolve conflicts, find creative solutions, value differences, and live a balanced life.” -Mrs. Wachter


    “Second Grade is the bridge from our early childhood level to the upstairs (grades 3-8). Students continue being eager and independent learners as they transition from “learning to read” to “reading to learn.” Both reading and math are taught with whole group lessons and individual or small group learning stations to accommodate different learning styles and levels. Second graders explore the world God created through Bible stories, different genres of literature, science experiments, and various topics and units.” -Mrs. Dahn


    “In my classroom, I utilize a variety of teaching methods to engage students and encourage learning in all third-grade subjects, including religion, math, reading, science, social studies, language/grammar, and cursive writing. A day in third grade includes engaging small group activities, work with learning partners, and fun hands-on activities. My goal is for my students to be excited about coming to school as they learn how to discuss and explain material in all subject areas.” -Mrs. Evans


    “We implement a vigorous curriculum that challenges students to think critically. They will create projects, take notes, and use hands on techniques to learn the material. LED Projectors are used in the classroom to introduce different forms of media. We use various websites such as; Spellingcity, Quizzlet, and Kahoot. The key to fourth grade is communication! Therefore, we use platforms like Remind, Sycamore Education, and email. Students are required to keep an agenda to help them stay organized and focused.” -Mrs. Means


    “In the 5th grade classroom, we strive to be great leaders. Our rigorous curriculum helps us to set goals and work hard throughout the year. My aim is to help students grow holistically. We use our classroom technology to build deeper understanding by creating presentations, projects, and watching educational videos and presentations. We also use more traditional methods to provide another source of connections in students’ brains. These include note taking, book reports, and critical thinking responses.” -Mrs. Lane