Lunches/Cafeteria Rules

Note that St. Paul does not have a hot lunch program at this time. All lunches will be provided by parents. On Fridays, as a fund-raiser, the 8th grade class sells pizza for $2 per slice.

  • Students are not permitted to bring food that needs to be heated. Microwaves are not available for use by students younger than 6th. Parents may bring lunches and eat with their child(ren); however, please communicate this to the teacher in advance.
  • Each teacher will provide specific information regarding classroom procedures for snacks and meals. Please strive to feed your child foods which are simple to serve, simple to eat and nutritious. Please send a quantity that corresponds with your child’ general appetite. It’s not always easy to send uneaten portions of food home. Carbonated beverages are never allowed. BE SURE TO PROVIDE A NAPKIN, STRAW, CUPS AND UTENSILS if needed. St. Paul does not provide these items. Notify your child’s teacher in writing of any food allergies.
  • Students are to sit at tables as per teacher direction. Teachers may require students to sit at certain tables as necessary.
  • Students assigned to silent lunch will sit at a separate table as per teacher direction.
  • Teachers may require the students to remain quiet while eating their lunches for a certain amount of time in order to help ensure that the students are eating and to assist in keeping the lunchroom an orderly place.
  • Talking during lunch should be in a normal speaking voice. Shouting is not permitted in the lunchroom.
    Upon finishing lunch, students are to remain seated until they are given permission to throw away their garbage, clean their area, and return silverware, etc. to the designated area.
  • Parents and family members who visit their child during lunch are expected to follow the same procedures and set a good example for the students.
  • A snack is to be provided daily by the parent. Snacks should be packed separately from lunch but the same guidelines and rules apply.
  • BIRTHDAY TREATS: If you choose to provide a birthday snack for the whole class at school, we require that all foods follow class allergy restrictions. Allergies will be shared with all parents of the class toward the beginning of the school year. If you are having a party and wish to send invitations to the WHOLE class, we are happy to distribute them for you. To avoid hurt feelings, if all children are not invited, please mail the invitations.